All Smiles!!

Evan has been smiling all day today! I can definitely tell he is feeling better.

He did spike a fever this afternoon so they sent his blood to the lab and gave him a dose of Tylenol.


5 thoughts on “All Smiles!!

  1. Ricky Frazier jr says:

    I’ve never blogged before but I hope I do this right. You and my friend Ryan coop a very special people. You all have a very blessed and special family. I’ve never read a blog EVER in my life. Charmel and I have been here praying and reading every word. I see Evan and I see my son and I see Evan. We are all so connected as a family. I’m in pain that I’m not there with my family but so happy that the little warrior is so in good spirits. What an impressive little man. We are praying for him and you all are truly with us in our spirits.

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