We have arrived!

Today has been a very busy day here at CHP. We said good bye to the CICU and hello to the pediatric step down unit. The morning was very busy and a bit uncomfortable for Evan as his central line, pacing wires and drainage tubes were removed. In order ease the pain he was given a dose of Tylenol once we got upstairs. Cameron was such a sweetheart when his brother was getting his dressings changed this morning. Every time Evan would cry he would say to the nurse “he doesn’t like it when you do that” or “I think he might be hungry!” He didn’t say it in a mean way but in a protecting way.
It is a totally different world up here. The rooms are much larger with our own bathroom complete with a roomy shower! I was also promoted to Kiana, MN. In case you are wondering MN stands for Mommy Nurse similar to an RN without the real credentials. I am his primary caregiver again and it feels good and somewhat intimidating all at the same time. We went from having a nurse sit in his room all night to now having a nurse who has 3 other patients who we don’t see very often. As soon as we got up here I was giving him his medications, putting on his pulsox, making beds, changing clothes and diapers and lifting him on my own for the first time. I almost asked them to tell me what I should be listening for in the stethoscope so I can take the rest of his vitals….lol! I think on Monday I’m going to go down to payroll and get my badge! Just kidding ..This is the hospital’s way of preparing parents for when it is time to go home. It is nice to have a little red button to push for back-up!
We have to be very careful in lifting Evan. We are unable to lift him under his arms as he recovers for the next 8 weeks or so. I started practicing at home before surgery so that I can be prepared and I watched the nurses very carefully down in the CICU.
Evan had a little trouble with his first bottle when we got up here but I think it was just from all of the commotion and excitement. He took his last bottle around 8:30pm with no problems.

He has been talking non-stop since we got up here. Big brother Cameron and dad were here to help him get settled in his new room.

Praise God for another big milestone!







4 thoughts on “We have arrived!

  1. Raynee says:

    Go Kiana, RN!!! That has a nice ring to it. You got this mama. I’m cracking up at asking to be on the payroll. LOL!

    Cameron is so sweet and protective of his little brother. I love that! I can just imagine the look on his little face as he tells the nurse Evan doesn’t like that…..priceless!!!

    I’m so glad he has been moved to the step down unit. Continuing to pray for him and the fam.

    Know that you are a wonderful mom. You’re everything a child could ask for and more. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

    Love you!!!!šŸ˜˜

  2. Diana says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Kiana! No better way to spend it than to get to hold and feed your baby. Tell Cameron I saw the artwork in the photo – so nice of him to put up artwork for his baby brother. Have a great day and I would ask about that pay…. lol

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