Day 14 – Quick Update

It is a lazy kind of day here at CHP. After Evan’s x-Ray this morning he had a bottle and then went back to sleep. As soon as I laid down the beep beeps started. Remember, I told you there was a sensor on my butt! He was hanging out in the lower 80’s so they increased his oxygen to 1.

After our nap we had a visit from occupational therapy for a little play time. Evan was not feeling it, though. He is a bit weary of new faces which I totally get. After the therapist left we snuggled and after a bottle he fell back to sleep. While he was sleeping he had a visit from the respiratory therapist for some chest PT which he enjoys and didn’t even make a peep. His nurse last night left his mobile oxygen tank out last night so I can take him for a ride later and I just remembered I have his stroller in my car so as long as it is ok I’m going to bring it up and use that later. He just finished up a bottle and left me a surprise so after a nice bath and change of clothes I think we will take a stroll around the unit.

The doctor should be in this afternoon with a plan to go home. I have a feeling they will be kicking us out of her very soon!


One thought on “Day 14 – Quick Update

  1. Diana says:

    That’s excellent that you might get to take him home. I am sure Cameron and Ryan can’t wait to have Mom and Evan home. Enjoy your stroll this afternoon.

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