Day 15 – Update

Evan had a good night and slept fine. After his bath last night I took him for a walk in his stroller around the unit. He really enjoyed that and fell asleep in the sun room. He thought he was going to pick up some chicks and show off his scar but most of the other babies were already sleep. Evan continues to be full of fun personality. He is so funny and talks all day long. The funniest is when a nurse asks me if I need anything and I say ‘no’ he always starts talking as if to say ‘hey you didn’t ask me?’ LOL

We had several visits from the doctors yesterday regarding the echocardiogram he had done on Tuesday and they have decided that they want to do a heart catherization as a precaution in order to understand exactly what is happening with his heart and lungs to ensure they are giving him the correct therapy. The heart catherization gives them a clearer picture then the echocardiogram and it allows them to measure the pressures in his heart and lungs. During the heart cath they will be 1.) Measuring the size of the residual asd in his heart. 2.) Measuring the pulmonary pressures. 3.) Determining if there is any narrowing in the right pulmonary vein. The heart catherization is a minimally invasive procedure where they go through a vein in his groin but he will need to be sedated during the procedure. The doctors want to be certain that they are taking the correct course of therapy for Evan and the only way to know for sure is to do the heart cath. The doctor wants to get it done today so that we are not just hanging out in the hospital. There are two other procedures this morning so we will know by mid-afternoon if he will get in there today. Please say a prayer that all goes well and specifically 1.) the residual asd is small and will close on it’s own. 2.) the pulmonary pressures are minimal 3.)there is no narrowing in the right pulmonary vein. Evan will also have to be NPO (no food by mouth) starting this morning so please also say a prayer that he sleeps most of the morning/afternoon so that he isn’t too hungry and cranky!

Sorry that this post is short and to the point but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware so that our prayer warriors can mount up!!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Remember it’s not about the setbacks it is about the comebacks! My faith is still in God and I am happy that they are being extra cautious. Like I said before, once we leave I don’t want to come back!

The procedure lasts about 2-5 which includes anesthesiology prep and recovery. I will update everyone and provide more information later this afternoon.




7 thoughts on “Day 15 – Update

  1. Diana says:

    We will be putting extra special thoughts and prayers out there for Evan so that all goes smoothly and you get great results. Take Care!!!

  2. renee says:

    I’ve been praying my hardest every day for Evan to heal and get well so he can come home. Today, I wiil send extra prayers that all goes well with the procedure and results. Evan, you stay sweet and keep smiling! Hugs to Mommy and Daddy!

  3. Amber says:

    Prayers going up & fingers crossed. I know everything will be okay. Thank you God in advance.. Little Ev is the cutest baby ever, well besides Cam lol. Also, you are understanding all the medical terminology perfect Ki.. awesome!

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