Heart Cath update

Evan came down for his heart catherization about 30 minutes ago. He is such a little warrior and a strong little boy. He was a little fussy this afternoon since he wasn’t able to eat but he really enjoyed the mini concert I gave him of my rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.” I am really thankful that he is so young that he won’t remember any of this.

I spoke to the anesthesiologist and there is a good chance that Evan will come out of the procedure on the ventilator as a precautionary measure. Since it is so late they don’t want to rush him off and want to give his body time to rest and they will wean him off in the morning. If so that means we will spend the night in the CICU. Rest assured that the team did not seem tired or fatigued and I certainly asked and they said if they were they wouldn’t do it. They all fell in love with him immediately. Please say a prayer for our heart warrior with the radiant spirit!!

3 thoughts on “Heart Cath update

  1. Angie says:

    Prayers sent and blessings raining down. Matter of fact, when the surgeons touch Evan, they felt the power of The Lord and were renewed!

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