Day 20 – Update

Evan had a great day post-op and night. It is amazing watching the nurses work. He came out of surgery still on the breathing tube and on a ton of medications. Some of the medications do the same thing like lower his blood pressure so it is a fine line that they have to walk in order to ensure that he is getting the right combinations of medicine. Nurses are most certainly the heartbeat of he hospital. Evan had the breathing tube but was only on CPAP so he was essentially doing the work with little assistance. He did well for a little while but then his oxygen levels started to decrease and his x-Ray showed that there was some collapse in his right lung so they turned on the ventilator that is doing the breathing for him to give him time to rest and heal and to force more air into his lungs to open them up. He is also receiving diuretics to drain the excess moisture from his lung. All of which is a result of the surgery. He also has the drainage tube and pacing wires. His is connected to the temporary pacing wires as he was having junctional rhythms all similar to the first surgery.

It can be very overwhelming seeing him for the first time with all of the wires and medicine. The nurses are very busy taking vitals and adjusting meds. They are not frantic in anyway everything they were doing is very much routine after surgery. I was standing there just watching and station out of the way. It was such a pleasant surprise to look over and see a bouquet of balloons and teddy bear sent from a friend that I work with. I know the balloons are for Evan but it was just what I needed in those first moments and I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness!

He is on sedatives to keep him sleepy because when he is awake the first thing he tries to do is pull his breathing tube out and he is strong!! The nurses learned that very!!

He slept very well last night and maintained good vitals. His x-ray showed improvement in his lungs and the plan for today is to wean him off of the ventilator and remove it. He is such a little warrior and I am so very proud of him.


One thought on “Day 20 – Update

  1. Diana says:

    It takes really special people to work with babies. I am glad that you really love the staff and they are so attentive to Evan. Happy Day after surgery!

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