Day 22 – Quick Update #3

Evan continues to have a good day. He is slowly but surely working his way up on his feeds. He is off of the pace maker but is still having junction rhythms which is an irregular heart beat. The doctor is watching closely and as long as his pressures don’t get too low the junctional rhythms are ok. He also had junctional rhythms after the first surgery for several days until his normal heart rate returned; all as a result of the trauma of the surgery.

The prayer for this evening is that he continues to rest comfortably and that his sinus rhythm (normal heart rate) returns.

Here is a picture of him this afternoon. He wants so badly to suck his thumb but we have to keep socks on his hands because he can’t be trusted! As soon as those socks come off he starts grabbing all kinds of stuff!



5 thoughts on “Day 22 – Quick Update #3

  1. Raynee says:

    LOL @ “he can’t be trusted.” I hope you had a great night buddy! I’ll start a petition for you #freemyhands but only after there aren’t so many things for you to grab. You’ll get your wish soon. Hang in there! You’re doing great!

  2. Pam says:

    Great to hear all is coming along so well. I’m praying for continued strength for all of you! KEEP SMILING…IT DOES WONDERS!!

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