We’re Back…Quick Update

This isn’t quite the post I had originally had planned as an update. In fact I have been working on one practically all week but our little warrior and Big brother warrior have been pretty demanding of my time and who can blame them!!!

We had a couple great days at home until I noticed that Evan’s breathing had become labored. He is typically a stomach breather but yesterday I could really see his chest pulling. His oxygen stats were good but he was working for it (we have a pulsox at home- more about that later). We brought him to the Emergency Room and they decided to admit him so that they can get a chest x-Ray and monitor him. When he went home he did have a small amount of fluid in his lungs and was on diuretics to help remove the fluid. They are now considering a drainage tube depending on what the ultrasound they are going to do this afternoon says. He is currently NPO so he hasn’t had a bottle since about 2:30am but is getting IV fluids as well as IV LASIX every 8 hours which works better than the oral version he was getting at home.

I praise God and am very thankful for motherly instincts and knowing when something just isn’t right. If you have kids and get that gut feeling that something isn’t right even if you don’t know what isn’t right – trust your instincts. Never be afraid to call the doctor and ask questions and explain their symptoms. Evan is now resting comfortably and his breathing has improved – still labored but not as much.

Evan on Saturday afternoon enjoying the breeze.

Sleeping peacefully


5 thoughts on “We’re Back…Quick Update

  1. Diana says:

    Mothers intuition is “God’s Helper”. I agree with you – never doubt it. Hang in there and glad you are there with him.

  2. Raynee says:

    Yes, thank God for a mother’s intuition. Praying for great results from this afternoon’s test and that he can be back to enjoying the outdoors soon.

  3. Grandma says:

    Thank goodness for your mothers’ intuition!! God is so good and wise for instilling that characteristic in us.. you were using your “Amazing Mom” skills! Evan appears to be resting comfortably now. He is still healing and God is still helping him.

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