We’re Back – Day 2 Update

Evan is having a good day. They increased his LASIX from Q8 (every 8 hours to Q6 to further remove the fluid. They are moving a but gingerly increasing his dose as they don’t want to completely dry him out to the point he becomes dehydrated. His echo did show some increased pressures in his lung which they believe is attributed to the stress in his lungs. Again, it is not enough fluid to require draining through a tube but it is enough to cause him stress. His oxygen levels looks good even when he is sleeping.

He has been his radiant self today smiling and talking. I think he may have his days and nights confused after our night in the ER so I have been trying to keep him awake as much as possible in hopes that he will sleep tonight! He is eating like a champ and I can’t seem to keep the bottles coming quick enough.




3 thoughts on “We’re Back – Day 2 Update

  1. Grandma says:

    Evan you certainly are a radiant warrior! You fight your battles with the help of the Lord and come back swinging! Keep smiling baby! Love your spirit too Mommy! Great photos also!

  2. Angie says:

    Not only is he blessed and highly favored, he is on the best dressed list!! Love his spirit, it’s infectious!

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