Feeling Crabby

I initially thought I would have more time to blog once we got home….WRONG! All is well. Evan continues to get stronger each and every day. He is still only using oxygen when he sleeps and most times the oxygen is on but his head is turned away and he is still in the high 90’s.

We had out first session with occupational therapy this morning. The goal is to not just help him with feeds but to also help with gross motor skills and increasing the strength in his head and body. Evan had fun and tolerated it very well. This week we will be doing lots of side play and stimulating his mouth before feeds using a NUK tooth brush.The great thing about our sessions is they show me things that I can do with Evan on a daily basis. It is remarkable to understand how the body works most of which I seemingly took for granted with Cameron.

We have a pretty consistent schedule as far as feeding, sleeping and medicine is concerned and it gets easier everyday. I have also been venturing out with Evan by myself. When we first got home I wouldn’t take him out unless Ryan was with me so that I can sit in the back and make sure he had his oxygen on in the car since he usually sleeps in the car. Thank goodness he likes riding on the car; Cameron hated it! Now, I will take him for short car rides and use the nose cannula instead of blow by with the portable oxygen tanks. A little oxygen can’t stop this show!

If you are feeling crabby and things aren’t going your way -Remember to channel your inner warrior spirit and smile through it (or stick your tongue out at it😋).



5 thoughts on “Feeling Crabby

  1. Diana says:

    oh my gosh! What a gorgeous baby! I love the cute little tongue. He looks really healthy and happy! I am sure Mom and family are too! All my thoughts and prayers continue to surround you!

  2. Grandma says:

    Love the little “crabby hat” but it doesnt go with the mood. Evan you have so many different expressions! I love them all! You look so happy, healthy and full of spirit. Keep smiling beautiful boy! I love you!

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