Update – July 18th

Evan had a fantastic day today. He is up to 4 ounces of formula every 4 hours and is tolerating them well. Due to the increased fluid intake they put him back on IV LASIX in order to help him get rid of all the fluids. We know that Evan has a tendency to retain fluids and with the extra fluids that he is not used so the LASIX will help. In addition to IV fluids his milrinone was also increased to help his heart not work as hard. He is being monitored closely for increased work of breathing which tells us he has too much fluid on board as well as blood tests that are done.

He has been sleeping well and even went for a walk around the hall this afternoon which he really enjoyed!


2 thoughts on “Update – July 18th

  1. marylou Holliday says:

    GOD IS IN CONTROL. Believe in his word. Stay strong and know that everything is going to be blessed according to his word.

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