Blessed and Highly Favored – Part 1

Evan is a Welsh name and is a form of John and means ‘God is gracious’ as well as ‘young warrior.’ Evan’s big brother Cameron choose his baby’s brother’s name. Ryan and I had been throwing around some names and Cameron would say ‘no, that name will hurt the baby’s feelings.’ One day Cameron said ‘let’s name him Evan.’ He was very confident in the name and even though it was a name I hadn’t considered it I liked it especially once I learned the meaning. It didn’t matter that Cameron got the name from a little boy on YouTube who reviews toys – the name was perfect!

I am learning that being blessed and highly favored does not mean that everything is perfect. Some may look at me and wonder how can I possibly think that Evan is blessed and highly favored with a sick heart and why I would consider myself to be blessed and highly favored for having to go through this. We all have our own journey and this is mine. I have been blessed with two amazing little boys who mean the world to me. I am blessed and highly favored ford having a loving fiancé who is a phenomenal dad. I am blessed and highly favored for having a wealth of family and friends who love, support and pray for us. Evan is blessed and highly favored because even though his heart is very sick God filled him with a radiant spirit that allows him to smile and laugh through it all because he knows he will be healed. He is blessed and highly favored because through each and every procedure God is right there holding his hand.

I say all of this to show that even when times are tough and things aren’t going your way today you have no idea what God has planned for you tomorrow so you can either let the weight of your situation bring you down or you can stand tall and encouraged knowing that what God has for you is for you and he will equip you with the tools needed to handle your situation. You can either make your situation your excuse or you can make the decision to embrace it and warrior through it with a radiant spirit. #radiantwarriorspirit


One thought on “Blessed and Highly Favored – Part 1

  1. Diana says:

    Your journey has touched so many of us in so many ways. Evan and family is thought of and prayed for daily in our household. It truly makes one realize what is important in life. You and your family have been quite an inspiration. I know it is hard sometimes, but I believe that your faith has grown so much that the spirit assists you in every decision you make no matter how small or how big. I loved the multiple pictures in this Blog… I will continue to watch for updates to your blog every day or as you have time. Thoughts and prayers always – Diana

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