Boston Day 1

All is well. I am very thankful for being in Boston. I practically cried tears of joy and thankfulness on the ride from the airport to the hospital. Yesterday morning we were told Boston didn’t have any beds and we wouldn’t be going on Wednesday then around 2:30 the nurse said for me not to get my hopes up high but we might be leaving in a couple of hours. Next thing I know the transport team was in our room telling us the plans and to be ready in an hour! The hospital is in the heart of Boston and very different than what we are accustomed to. For starters, their cardiac unit alone has 42 rooms most of which are double rooms including ours. We are currently in a room with another little baby and I am working and praying on getting a private room or atleast a bed space by the window for a little privacy and more space. Everyone so far has been awesome and amazing and have fallen in love with Evan!

The next couple of days will really be about Boston getting to know Evan. Today he had an echocardiogram and a lung profusion scan. The echo is a sonogram of his heart. He was not very happy through most of it so they will most likely repeat it at some point. He also had another lung profusion scan to compare the left and the right side of his lungs. The rest of the day consisted of him resting and talking…lots of talking. His favorite word is …”Ma ma Ma Ma Ma Ma”
The plan over the next couple of days is for him to have a heart catherization and then we will talk plans for surgery.

Ryan and Cameron arrived in Boston this afternoon and joined Evan and I. Cameron absolutely adores his baby brother and just wants him to get better. Ryan and I are doing our best to maintain a sense of normalcy for Cameron and have some things planned so that he will have positive memories of his first trip to Boston! Evan was sound asleep so I decided to come spend the evening at the hotel in order to recharge my battery.

Thank you all so much for all of your prayers and support! We are blessed and highly favored!!



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