Boston Day 5 – Update

The last 48 hours have been a bit rough for our little warrior. He has been running a high temperature and we are not sure why. So far all of his cultures have come back negative…Praise God. The plan today is the remove his PICC line which could be a source of infection and may explain why he is running this temperature and feeling miserable. Once the PICC line is removed they will test the actual plastic for infection because sometimes the infection is there but doesn’t show on the culture. If this is the case they can treat the infection in the lab to determine the best course of antibiotics. In the meantime, he is on a potent antibiotic that will take care of most infections until we can figure out the root cause. Did he aspirate and the fluid in his lungs is infected? Is this PICC line infected? Does he have a virus that needs to run it’s course? Lots of questions and they are working on getting answers.

Evan was also NPO (no food) for over 24 hours yesterday. They stopped his feeds because he had some emesis (medial term for throwing up) in order to give his stomach a rest. They also decided to give him an NJ tube instead of an NG tube the difference is the NJ tube goes farther down his stomach making it less likely he will have emesis and potentially aspirate.

The fever combined with not eating just left Evan miserable and he had a long day yesterday. He didn’t cry but was very fussy and was letting me know something wasn’t right. He didn’t sleep all night but has been sleeping very peacefully this morning. Please pray with me that he can get some rest and that these organisms that are causing the fever exit his body immediately! I will continue to praise God through it all. My faith in Him will not waiver.

Evan was scheduled to have a heart catherization today but it has been postponed until he is feeling better.


6 thoughts on “Boston Day 5 – Update

  1. Diana says:

    Poor Baby……. He is strong as a warrior and so is his Mom. Keeping the faith – thoughts and prayers for your and your family.

  2. Brenda Laymon says:

    He seem so pleasant through all that he’s going through. He is truly a warrior. Thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  3. Angie says:

    God has Evan wrapped close to His heart. Be assured that all is well. Keep “faithing” forward. Luke 5:18-20.

  4. Grandma says:

    Keep the faith and everyone please keep smiling!! The Lord God has Evan in the palm of His hand. He will make him well again as we pray every day for healing. Kiki continue to remain the strong amazing mom that you are. Much love to all!

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