Prayer Warriors Mount Up

Evan is in the cath lab having his procedure. There is a bit of a bed crisis here and him going was contingent on how well the first case went this morning and we literally didn’t find out he was ‘a go’ until it was time to go. They took him to the cardiac catherization department where we met the doctors who would be doing the procedure.

As mentioned before they won’t know what needs to be done until they measure the pressures and see the veins. I am prayerful all will go well and he will do just fine. We have an understanding. The nurse carried him back in his arms and I know he is in good hands and I know God will be there the entire time.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors Mount Up

  1. Teri DeMichele says:

    Kiana, his first blessing was you and you didn’t even know it! He will pull strength from God and you his enire life. A special child like Evan is a blessing and is only given to parents that deserve them… I know from experience. God bless you and your beautiful family!

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