All is Well

Evan is doing well and sleeping peacefully. He will remain on the ventilator around 24 hours allowing his body to rest.

I realized today that it was two months ago to the day that he had his first and what we thought would be his last open heart surgery and here we are. I am thankful that we are in the best place.

We are praying for a quiet peaceful night. I came to the hotel to get some rest. Previous experience has taught me to get a good night’s rest when he is sleeping.

Ryan and Cameron made it home safely. I miss them!

At some point along this journey I may share pictures of day #1 after surgery but for now I leave you with a blast from the past!




3 thoughts on “All is Well

  1. marylou Holliday says:

    TOO SWEET, You deserve a good nights sleep. Your baby is in good hands. You are a true trouper. And Evan is such a Blessing. Praise be to God. He is my Hero, and you are a roll Model. Many will learn from you as to how to endure. Much Love .

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