Please tune in – KQV radio interview

Please tune in to KQV 1410AM to support/hear the interview promoting Evan’s Fund!

Sat. Aug 2nd – 6:30am and 4:30pm

Sun. Aug 3rd – 5:30pm

The interview will also be posted on KQV’s website should you miss the radio times above.

If you are outside of the listening area you can stream the interview live from their website:

click here for KQV website to listen live

Wow…look at God! I would like to thank Mrs. Elaine Effort of KQV radio for giving us the opportunity to share our story with her listeners. I was scheduled to meet with Mrs. Effort Thursday morning at 9:30am but due to the uncertainty of Evan going to the cath lab and him being a bit irritable that morning I was unable to leave the room and make the call that is when my dear friend Charmel stepped right in. You may remember that Charmel is our fundraising champion leading the way. I haven’t heard the interview yet but I know she did A-MA-ZING! Last but certainly not least I would also like to thank Charmel’s mom Ms. Terlene Brown (Go Ma!) for sharing our story with Mrs. Effort in the first place.

We are truly blessed and highly favored and no matter how many times I say it I still feel like it isn’t enough but THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting us in this journey from my entire family!

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