All About Cameron

I have been blessed with not one but two amazing little boys with radiant warrior spirits! This post is all about Evan’s big brother Cameron! I want everyone to know just how special he is to me. Cameron is my five year old son who is an awesome big brother and adores his baby brother, Evan. Cameron shares the same radiant spirit as Evan and people fall in love with him the moment they meet him. Cameron is a very bright, articulate, inquisitive, sensitive, energetic and caring little boy. Cameron’s smile lights up every room he walks into.

Cameron went from being an only child to be an amazing big brother without really skipping a beat. I mean he has had moments that you expect from having a new baby in the family. It is extremely important for me to make sure that Cameron knows that even though I have to be here with Evan while he heals I love him just as much. I don’t ever want him to think that he is ‘less than’ loved. I love my boys with all my heart and soul and would go to the moon and back for both of them. I was so happy that Ryan and Cameron were able to be here with me last week in Boston. Ryan and I made sure that Cameron had good memories of Boston. Interestingly, Cameron doesn’t see all of the tubes when he visits his brother in the hospital; He sees his baby brother Evan. When Evan was in the NICU Cameron referred to his incubator as his house and quite frankly Cameron thought all babies went to the NICU because that was our normal at the time. There were several times when he would say ‘remember when I was in an incubator?”

Cameron adores his baby brother and understands that he is sick and we are here to get him better. It is hard for him to be home and for Evan I to be here in Boston but thanks his dad, Ryan, and our wonderful family they are doing a great job to fill the void until we can get home. Cameron will be starting Kindergarten very soon and I really can’t believe it! I try not to think about it too much and I pray that Evan and I will be home so that I can take him to school on his first day.

Cameron had a great time in Boston and even made friends here in the hospital. He went on a ducky tour with Ryan and even got to drive the boat! He spent lots of time in the hotel pool which was freezing cold; Ryan was a real trooper in that cold water! I took him to the Boston Children’s museum one afternoon which was a lot of fun. A trip to Boston wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the mall. Cameron LOVES basketball and had to have a Boston Celtics jersey!

I miss him to much and can’t wait until I get to hug and kiss him. Here’s to Evan’s Big Brother Cameron!!

3 thoughts on “All About Cameron

  1. Sheila says:

    KiKi, I love the pictures of my man Cam! One of my goals on my bucket list is to get a hug from Cam before he enters high school, hey a girl can dream LOL…. Children are truly a blessing from God AND BOYS are a double blessing 🙂

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