Graduation Day – Day # 9 Quick Update

Evan graduated out of the CICU and into the acute care cardiac unit! He is doing fantastic and all of the nurses who cared for him before surgery are so happy with how good he looks compared to before surgery. He is of course being a charmer and talking and laughing up a storm. He hasn’t slept much since extubation day so I am praying for a restful night. He spiked a fever this morning so he is in his own room for precautions; so far all of the cultures are negative for infection.

Today was a good day!


6 thoughts on “Graduation Day – Day # 9 Quick Update

  1. marylou Holliday says:

    Thank you my Jesus. Don’t let him get married while he’s there. Although he will have plenty to choose from. .Love you, and love Evan.

  2. Diana says:

    Wonderful – glad to hear he is out of CICU. That will give new nurses and doctors a chance to fall in love with Evan too.

  3. Grandma says:

    Glory be to the Heavens above and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour who has once again for the third time placed his healing hands upon our Evan! He is whole again and once more the sweet smiling baby we know him to be! Keep rocking Evan! Much love to you!

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