Mended Heart – Day 11 Quick Update

Phew…. we have been very busy since moving to the floor. Busy in a good way as Evan continues to make progress each and every day. Here is  a run down of where we are with everything.

Today, Evan’s chest tube and pacing wires were removed! He is still in a junctional rhythm but after testing we know that his heart is capable of being in a sinus rhythm but right now the part of his heart that sparks that rhythm is a bit sleepy and probably quite frankly mad that we keep bothering it. The rate is good and so his blood pressure so we just need to give it some time to recover. Like, I mentioned before this isn’t entirely new for him. He also had a lung scan which still shows that his upper right lung is collapsed which could be the result of a number of things one being our bodies are so smart; before surgery his upper right vein was believed to be almost completely narrow so his body was smart enough to not send blood there. Now that the vein is open we need to get the lung opened so that his body knows to send blood flow there. We will be doing aggressive chest PT in order to open it up. Our lungs are designed so that they are smaller at the top and larger at the bottom so the good news is it is the top that is collapsed and the left side of his lungs look great. We will keep working on it and asking God to restore blood flow to that area and open it up.

They removed his NJ feeding tube and made it a NG tube which means it now goes directly into his stomach and he has been doing well. The best part?! He had a bottle today and did fantastic. The feeding team came bedside and did an evaluation with 1oz of milk to see how he does. He was comfortable and his saturation levels stayed in the upper 90’s. Right now he is still getting continuous feeds through the NG tube which will eventually be moved to bolus feeds meaning he will eat every couple of hours so that he can start to get his appetite back and then he will be able to get more by mouth as we work to get him to get all of his nutrition orally but for now I am thankful for the NG tube.  After the NG tube was placed we went downstairs for an x-ray to make sure it was in his belly and it looked great. Did I mention he got to ride in a stroller to get his lung scan and x-rays. He really enjoyed that! He is now fast asleep and has been sleeping for the last two nights. I definitely think being back on the floor without so much stimulus is doing wonders for his sleeping patterns. I am prayerful he will sleep good tonight. The plan for the rest of the night is chest PT and his regular meds. Tomorrow he will get blood work but should otherwise be a quiet day. On Thursday he is scheduled for a sedated echo. The reason the echo is sedated is the pulmonary veins are very hard to see during an echo and this will ensure that they are able to get good pictures of the veins.

Thank you to our prayer warriors! We know that prayer changes things!





9 thoughts on “Mended Heart – Day 11 Quick Update

  1. Angie says:

    Evan makes me smile from head to toe! Thank you Lord for restoring the Evan’s upper right lung for you have made him whole! I love you.

  2. Grandma says:

    Dear Evan, I’m so happy you are progressing and improving more each day. The Lord is certainly taking care of you just as we all prayed for. Your smile is back and you appear as bright-eyed as ever! Keep going baby, love you much!

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