Hip Hip Hooray!!

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Evan turned 9 months today!! The woman in Child Life made him signs for his door and his room along with foot prints and balloons so that we can have a grand celebration! He is such a big boy and was full of smiles today with a couple of tears. He got his PICC line dressing changed which is done every 7 days and afterwards was a bit weary of anyone who walked in the room. They have a treatment room here in BCH so that kids don’t associate their bed with painful/unpleasant things so I think from now on anything like that will be done in the treatment room because being the bright big boy he is I don’t want him to have  that association. He doesn’t miss a beat when the doctors/nurses are in his room. He is certainly a charmer and is going to break a lot of hearts when it is time to go home. Evan als  received physical therapy this afternoon and  had a visit by the feeding team. He really wasn’t interested in his bottle this afternoon which is ok since he has the NG tube; slow and steady. Tomorrow we will start bolus feeds so I think we will have more success tomorrow. Right now Evan doesn’t know what it feels like to be hungry because he is getting fed continuously. The bolus feeds are spaced apart so it is similar to him eating meals and will allow him to feel hungry and give us his cues. Tomorrow he will have his sedated echocardiogram first thing in the morning. Please join me in prayer that all looks well after surgery!


2 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray!!

  1. Brenda Laymon says:

    Keep fighting little warrior..you have a lot of support from all of us. God is on the frontline with you, stay strong and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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