Mended Heart – Day 17 Update

Evan had an uncomfortable day today and we can blame it on GAS!! He started in the wee hours of the morning very uncomfortable and his belly was huge. He had A bedside x-Ray which showed large amounts of gas and some hmm how do I put this? Poop! The size of his belly also caused him to breathe very hard and fast because he didn’t have a lot of lung space which caused him to need more oxygen. We have since weaned him down during the day. He started the morning off NPO and then tried a feed around noon which he tolerated and then the 4pm feed proved to be too much so he is now NPO this evening in order to give his belly a chance to rest and move some of that gas along! We are not sure if it is the milk or medicine causing the gas but I suspect it is the formula so we switched that today. He is still on the low fat formula due to Chylo and will be until the 20th.

He is resting comfortably and I am praying for a quiet night so that I can get some sleep tonight. Praying that his digestive system clears out overnight so that we can start feeds again. If he wakes up overnight and wants to eat he can. We are just going to follow him

Despite the pain; gas bubbles hurt – he still found time to smile!



2 thoughts on “Mended Heart – Day 17 Update

  1. Renee Frazier says:

    Awesome little boy!! We love to see him smile! Rick Sr. and Renee’ đŸ™‚

    Sent From Renee’ S. Frazier’s I-PHONE

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