Quick Update

Evan had a better day today. This morning we tried a full feed which gave him a hard time. They discovered his NG tube was a little further in his stomach so they pulled it back a little bit. His x-Ray continues to improve but still gassy. The plan for this evening is for him to receive continuous feeds at a lower rate overnight to see how he tolerates. He will get assessed by the GI team tomorrow. The thought is the new formula combined with all the rice he chowed down in those bottles caused him to get backed up. This afternoon after his first feed he did become very uncomfortable and required more oxygen at which time a dose of IV LASIX was give to help pull some fluid in his lungs. There is a very fine balance between drying Evan out too much and keeping his lungs dry enough so that he doesn’t have to work so hard. Praying that we are headed to finding that balance. You could see a difference almost immediately after the LASIX. We also got clearance from the surgeon to put him back on his Alimentum which is broken down so that it is easier for him to digest.

Cameron had a great first day of school and was all smiles afterwards!


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