We’re Back – Quick Update

I brought Evan to the emergency department yesterday afternoon due to an increased need for oxygen. He developed a low grade fever very early on Sunday morning. I gave him a dose of Tylenol and his fever came down and he had settled down. In the late morning, he began to breathe heavily and I had to increase his oxygen from 1 to 1.5 in order to maintain his oxygen at an acceptable level. I had to bump the oxygen up to 2 for the car ride but I think some of it was positional. Evan likes to get real cozy and slouch. Once we got to the ED and were settled in a room Evan thought it was time to party! His O2 looked great. His x-ray looked unchanged and all of his lab work came back normal. Due to his history they decided it was best to admit him and atleast watch him overnight. He had  a good night but had an emasis with with his last couple of feeds so we are giving his belly a rest and he is getting IV fluid. The doctors and I think that he has caught some type of GI virus so they will keep him for a  couple of days to support him if needed and to make sure he is moving in the right direction before sending us home.

I am starting to get a complex that Evan doesn’t like the level of care that I provide at home…lol! Although, I think I do a pretty good job being Mommy R.N. I have spent the time since we have been home getting everything organized so that our days run smoothly and so that I can be available when Cameron gets home from school. I have so much medical equipment that I am just working to figure out what works best for us.   I do my best to keep things clean; I have Lysol wipes strategically placed around the house for quick wipe downs, hand santizer everywhere and post it note reminders; it is inevitable that someone is going to get sick. The important thing is that we do our best to keep the germs from spreading and stay on top of it! My hands are raw from all the washing and sanitizing. Big brother Cameron is not feeling well either though  his symptoms are different and we aren’t sure if it is allergies or an actual cold. Yesterday, I had them both in separate rooms and on contact precautions just like they do here in the hospital!

My phone battery is very low and not holding a charge so I am using the hospital library computer so if you are wondering why I am not posting that is why.

2 thoughts on “We’re Back – Quick Update

  1. Amber says:

    Glad all the test came back negative. Keep fighting my warrior.. Your awesome Kiki,RN never forget that. Praying that Evan goes home soon.

  2. Diana says:

    So glad Evan is okay and test results were good. Germ free is the best way to be right now. You are so organized! Thoughts and Prayers for the family!

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