All Is Well

We are very much enjoying being home as a family. Cameron and Evan are both battling colds but they are both two of the toughest little boys I know!

Evan has a follow up visit with his cardiologist tomorrow morning and will follow up with his oncologist within the next week or so. Slowly but surely we are getting back into a routine and things run smoother every day. I will provide a breakdown of our day in an upcoming post.

I am praying for a good night sleep tonight. I am convinced that there is a sensor connected to Evan’s pulsox machine that as soon as I fall asleep it starts the beep beeps and last night once I got the beep beeps settled Cameron started to cough. I am happy to announce they are both sleeping peacefully and as soon as I give Evan his last medications for the evening I will be joining them (just don’t tell the pulsox!)



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