It’s a Tape Thing

Evan is a very busy 10 month old as he should be but boy when he gets his hands on that NG tube and start to pull it is no fun! I don’t like putting those things in. The task is simple but he hates it and it takes Ryan holding him down in order for me to get it back in. He usually pulls it out just far enough that I can get it back in but that requires a whole new tape job and I have to say I am getting pretty good at it. Evan has such sensitive skin and I am sure most of the time he is just trying to scratch his little face which causes my tape job to come off and the tube to come out so today I decided to get all of my supplies together and pre-cut the tape so that I can easily re-tape without the NG tube coming all the way out.

I think I have finally found a combination that is less irritating to his skin and holds fairly well. The supplies I use are Duoderm extra thin, tender grips, tegaderm and hypo fix. The Duoderm is a brand name is a type of bandage used in the healing of wounds. Since Evan’s skin is so sensitive I use it as a barrier against the tape to hold the NG tube down. The tender grips are small circles that hold the cannula down and the Tegaderm is another brand name very thin  and transparent dressing. Evan’s skin does not like Tegaderm at all but it has proved to be the most effective in holding his NG tube and cannula in place so I place the Tegaderm on top of the Duoderm. The Hypo fix is new and I am also using that to anchor down the NG tube. The tender grips are also very harsh on Evan’s skin so I put them on top of Duoderm before affixing them to his skin. In order to do this neatly I place the tender grips on top of the Duoderm and then I cut them out. The tegaderm is transparent and the duoderm is a nude color but the hypo fix is white so in order to make things look pretty I decided to cut it in a shape of heart. It took me about 30 minutes to cut everything out which was well worth the time now when he pulls everything out I will be armed and ready to tape everything back up!









8 thoughts on “It’s a Tape Thing

  1. Grandma says:

    (Finally got my book nook to act right again so I could read the blog again & keep up with what’s been happening.. Some times I can’t get anything to show up properly!)
    Kiki you are so wonderfully creative with those bandages for Evan. One day when he is older he’ll thank you! Love the smiling pic. I received two the same but that’s ok—more to kiss each time I bring them up

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