Check Evan Out!

Evan is having a fantastic day. Yesterday afternoon he pulled out his oxygen cannula and protested so bad as if to say “Mama, I don’t need it” and when I tried to put it back that I told “ok, let’s see how you do!” He did great. His oxygen saturation levels were where they should be until he went to sleep. During the day I was able to get away with blow by which is where the oxygen just blows in his face but overnight I had to use the cannula. FIrst thing this morning he pulled it off. Well, this evening he pulled his NG tube out so I am allowing him some freedom!! He just took a bottle without incidence. The real test will be this evening when it is time for his medicine. Look at God!!!



One thought on “Check Evan Out!

  1. Grandma says:

    Love the pics! He is so cute and looks so mischevious at the same time! (His dada had an expression like that when he was a baby.) Evan is very smart. He can communicate very well. Especially when he pulls out that NG tube!
    You’re still in my prayers!

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