Today Was a Good Day

We had a very eventful day today. We started our day with a gastroenterology appointment. We are cleared to keep the NG tube out. There was some concern that Evan may not be getting enough calories so they were talking about possibly putting the NG tube back in but my mommy instincts told me otherwise. Turns out I was right! Evan is gaining weight and length so we can continue what we are doing!!

Next stop was the blood lab. They didn’t have our script in the system so I headed down to cardiology to find out why. Cardiology put the order in and we headed back to the blood lab where Evan had his blood drawn to check his blood count, liver function and electrolytes. He DID NOT like that all; he was MAD but calmed down fairly quickly. By the time we were done it was time for our oncology appointment.

The oncology department is sort of a different world that I will explain in another post. The biggest difference was the nurse asked me if she could get me anything. I looked a bit confused because I had never been asked that before on an outpatient visit. I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I was quite happy when she brought me a Pepsi and graham crackers. The oncology appointment went well and the doctor reviewed Evan’s bloodwork which all came back normal and we talked about Gleevac. Evan also received a flu shot because the last thing we want is for him to catch the flu. He didn’t even blink a eye.

Here is what Evan looks like after a long day!


On Monday, a gentleman commented on Evan’s heart tape and how nice it was. He then asked ‘how old is she’ well, why did he have to say that!?!? Lol! Ryan said ‘ I told you those hearts make him look like a girl’ so today I decided to use my limited artistic ability and do a football and basketball. We stepped into the elevator and a woman looks at Evan and than looks at her son and says ‘awh, isn’t she cute!’ LOL!!



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