Prayer Warriors Mount Up

I know it has been a long time and I always dislike when I haven’t blogged in awhile and then when I do it is because of a hospital admission but here we are. Evan was admitted into the CICU on Sunday. He had a fever on Friday which I was able to break with Tyleneol and on Sunday I brought him in due to increased work of breathing and I couldn’t get him to take his medicine by mouth. On Sunday evening while sleeping he had several desaturations which caused him to go on a high flow cannula and he was on a significant amount of oxygen but after IV diuretics he was weaned back down to his home oxygen levels.

Monday was a good an uneventful day however Evan’s echo showed that his Right sided pressures were super systemic (very high) and it is concerning because he had an echo on the 10th and the pressures were unchanged. The preliminary results showed that the pulmonary veins were ok but in order to be sure Evan will be having a heart catherization this afternoon to determine:

1.) how high the pressures really are
2.) how big the veins are; if they are stenosing intervention may be done
3.) how does the pressure in his heart respond to different types of
medication so that they can determine how to treat him

There are a lot of what if’s right now but the cath will give us some answers. We are waiting on cultures to come back to determine if he is fighting a virus because viral infections can also cause high pressures. We do know that Evan has pulmonary hypertension which causes high pressures so now we need to determine why the sudden increase.

I will provide more information when I have more time during the cath but wanted to give a quick update.

Please do not feel discouraged for God is with him. This does not mean the Gleevac is not working because we knew there was a possibility that the veins could re-narrow and he would require interventions but we will get to a spot where he won’t need them. The last couple of months have been phenomenal which is very reassuring.

Please help me lift Evan up in prayer as he heads into the heart catherization lab this afternoon. Please pray for all of those caring for him as well.

This morning he had a lung profusion scan which will give the doctors information on how his lungs are working.

I also seem to be having some issues with Word Press and posting so I will also be posting on FB so if you aren’t already please follow Evan’s FB page – Evan’s Radiant Warrior Spirit.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors Mount Up

  1. Angie says:

    We are vigilant in our prayers. God has this, so stay strong my sister. God has Evan wrapped near His heart and will never let him go!! Raise your hands to Him praising His name and giving Him thanks.

  2. Amber says:

    Aww, sorry this is happening again to baby boy. He probably missed the nice staff and wanted to visit them :). I’m praying for you Evy Ev. It’s amazing that through all of this, he continues to smile. Love ya. Stay strong Ki, this is just a test.

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